Paper by FiftyThree

Our Google + Community highlights many of our doodles using Paper & Pencil!

We are spending time learning how to use Paper by FiftyThree,  a creation app for the iPad.  Both teachers and students are finding value in Sketchnoting; putting our notes into a sketch format. We became excited about Sketchnoting following a session by Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo) at  ISABC. This really took off for us a few weeks back when we were privileged enough to spend time with Barrie Bennett, who drove home the necessity of ‘Concept Attainment’. We have found that by creating sketches, we are able to show  attainment of key concepts, or not! If the concept is not fully understood, we have a hard time forming a sketch that illustrates that concept. This causes us to go back and  find what’s missing so the sketch can be completed, thus becoming meaningful. Student recall has improved because meaning is found within the sketch; it has value to the person who created it!.

Paper by FiftyThree

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