App-Dependent or App-Enabled?

Always wanting to reflect! I think we are “app-enabled” for the most part. Great writing!

Dr. Kristen Mattson

app-68002_1280In their 2013 book The App Generation, Howard Gardner and Katie Davis coin the terms “app-enabling” and “app-dependent” to describe two ways we may choose to view a world “permeated by apps” (p 9). According to Gardner and Davis, “apps that allow or encourage us to pursue new possibilities are app-enabling. In contrast, when we allow apps to restrict or determine our procedures, choices, and goals, we become app-dependent” (p 10).

So how might these two ways of viewing technology look in the classroom? The table below contains some examples for you to consider.



Math Students use a calculator application to solve problems or check their work Students are given a problem based learning scenario and must use a variety of apps and websites to formulate a plan and find a solution
Writing Students attach their essays to an email for the teacher to grade digitally

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