Our 80-20 Project!

Although there are only a handful of weeks left in the school year, the 9’s have decided that they want to spend 20% of their Key block working on an ‘impact project’.  Not surprisingly, a number of them already have this project in the works.  This project was brought to my attention at the Google Apps for Education Vancouver Summit last weekend.  Our Keynote speaker, Molly Schroeder, noted that all ‘Googlers’ are expected to spend 80% of their work time on their ‘actual’ job and then the remaining 20% on a project of their choosing, and naturally this was something they were passionate about.  So what does this look like in a classroom?  80% of our time will be dedicated to ‘school work’ and students will have the remaining 20% to work on a project they choose, with teacher sign off of course:)  We’ll see how it goes, but so far all students have expressed an interest and even a few could be described as excited.


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