Collingwood School

“Collingwood School is one of Canada’s most dynamic and progressive educational environments. Founded in 1984, Collingwood is a co-educational school with 1,200 students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12, situated on two campuses in West Vancouver. As a member of The Round Square Conference of Schools, we are allies with schools worldwide who share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to developing well-rounded, responsible citizens through service, challenge and international understanding.”

This blog was created to help us and to help you. You could be a student, parent or educator. We launched the iPad as a primary device with our grade 8 & 9 Key students in September of this year. Previously we had a class set of iPads but we struggled in maximizing their full potential. Why? The iPads were not being used as an individual, primary device. The iPads couldn’t be shared but needed to be owned by the individual student. Once theirs, they could work in, save, share, email, and publish their work!

A lot has been accomplished in a very short period of time. Although it has been fun to incorporate the iPad into their academic program, the students and us, have had to work extremely hard. We run into problems, most small but a few big, on a regular basis.

The Key program at Collingwood http://www.collingwood.org/page.cfm?p=1769 is for students who would do very well in a mainstream, regular classroom, except for the fact they learn differently. In Key we do the exact same curriculum as the mainstream students but we differ in how the information is taught and how knowledge and comprehension is assessed. In their previous academic environment, our students should have been doing well, but for some reason they weren’t. Key identifies the “why”. There are reasons why students are struggling, and it’s not their fault AND we can work around it.

iPads are ideal for our students because they are multi-sensory, personal, visual, and just fun! We find that the iPad levels the playing field for our students. They can use them regularly to enhance their learning so they don’t struggle as often with acquiring new information, working with the information, and ‘showing what they know’.


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