learning through drawing: developing visual literacy

This blog post describes exactly what is happening in our Social Studies class! This is why we are taking our notes through Sketchnoting!

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Source: https://twitter.com/mairithomson/status/577631678526455808 Source: https://twitter.com/mairithomson/status/577631678526455808

I’m participating in a Twitter Draw-a-Thon that was kicked off last week by Blair Rorani. (read his original blog post or search #everybodydrawnow.) Aside from having great fun, I’ve met some new Twitter peeps and learned how to use a cool + free iPad app called Paper from FiftyThree along the way.

Learning something new is always a good thing, but it also got me thinking about how drawing engages the brain in different ways, and how this could be useful for corporate learning programs.

We live in a world of ‘big data’ that requires deep analysis and interpretation, and creative visualisations can help us to make sense of it. Even for less complex topics, images and visual media are increasingly being used to tell a complete story via traditional and digital communication platforms.

An important 21st Century skillset is being ‘visually literate’ – described by…

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