Apps We Use For…

For some great video apps click here.

Our Most Useful & Well Used:

In order of appearance, left to right, top to bottom in each category:
Reading: iBooks, Audioboo, clipboard, Zite,

Math: Explain Everything, Calculator, Mathboard, Show Me

Writing: WordPress, Nebulous Notes, Voice Thread, Evernote, Notes, Dragon Dication

Visual Learners: Skitch, Inspiration, Comic Life, Pages, Screen Chomp, Khan Academy

Struggling Auditory Processors: PhotoSpeak, dragon Dictation


Apps that Organize & Present:

Organizers:Pages, Evernote,My Homework, Google Drive, Flashcardlet, iCal, Keynote, WordPress, Dropbox

Presenters: Inspiration, Creative Book Builder, Keynote, Explain Everything, Comic Life, Show Me, Documents To Go, Tools 4 Students, Educreations, Type Drawing, iMovie, Videolicious


One of the best surprises that came from the iPad was what a great organizer it is! For those that struggle with ‘executive functioning’ or just plain organization, the iPad is an amazing tool.

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