Change can be hard!


If you’re an adult:)

Along with many, our crew updated to IOS 7 on September 18th.  While the change was met with excitement, it was obvious that there was some fear, because things were going to change.  All of us were very comfortable with the present operating system; we had been using it for over a year, and had worked hard at mastering it.  We felt almost like experts and we knew how to do what we wanted to do.  Simple.  We quickly realized that we would be moving a bit backwards in order to move forwards.  The great thing about kids is that they were so excited about what they saw in front of them, that they didn’t notice anything that they didn’t care for.  Adults, however, appeared eager to find its first fault.  Unfortunate.

So, over two weeks in now and we are beginning to regain our confidence and have uncovered many features that we really appreciate.  Airplay sent me for a loop today.  It always used to be there, double click home button, swipe to the right and there it was.  Today, I couldn’t find it.  I discovered that the toggle will only reveal itself if Airplay is discoverable.

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